Is (Thai) Pongal is the festival of Harvest Culture and Why is pongal celebarted?

pongal is the festival of

Pongal is the festival of – Well we all know that Pongal is one of the most popular festivals in Tamil peoples. most of the peoples celebrates this festival because they think Pongal is a way which connects them to god. So in respect to Pongal here we will discuss is Thai Pongal is the festival of harvest culture?.

At first, I just wanted to know that how many of you guys know the meaning of Thai Pongal?

Well, Thai and Pongal is the two different word. “Thai” is the name of the tenth month of Tamil calendar and “Pongal” refers to the celebration of festivity season. maybe most you don’t know that Pongal is also the name of a sweet dish of rice boiled with lentils that are ritually consumed on this day.

Before moving ahead I just wanted to tell you the names of the topic which we discuss in this article later.

Why is Pongal celebrated | Pongal Valthukkal in Tamil | About Pongal in Tamil | Pongal is the festival of | Pongal kolam with dots pictures | Pongal kolam rangoli designs with dots | Pongal kolam book | Pongal o Pongal song | Pongal wishes in Tamil. 

these are the few topics which we will be going to discuss now if you think that we have missed some topics about Pongal in Tamil then you can share your names of the topics in the comment box, we will definitely include this topic in this article.

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why is Pongal celebrated
                                                                                                                                       why is Pongal celebrated

Pongal is the festival of harvest culture Why? | Why is Pongal celebrated

As we all know that Pongal is the festival of harvest culture, but many of us don’t know that why we called Pongal is the harvested culture and why is Pongal celebrated?

Before discussing harvest culture first we will discuss  why Pongal is celebrated in Tamil’s

According to the reports the festival Thai Pongal origin around 1000+ years ago.  some ancient peoples called Puthiyeedu to Pongal during at that time. Puthiyeedu first suggests in the period of Medival Chola empire. Tamil people think that Pongal is a good symbol because it refers to the first harvest of the year. That’s why Tamil people celebrate Thai Pongal.

As we discussed above Pongal refers the first harvest of the year that’s why we called Pongal is the festival of harvest culture. it is three – day festival which according to Tamil calendar celebrated on 14th January to 17th January.

Pongal is corresponding to Makar Sankranthi, the festival celebrated throughout India in the month of January, mostly Tamil peoples celebrate Thai Pongal with a lot of happiness.

Thai Pongal is one of the most important Festival celebrated by Tamil peoples mostly in the state of Tamil Nadu. the first day of Pongal starts with the sun’s six-month journey towards northwards.

Do you know what is the most I like about Pongal is this festival very popular for the rice dish.

Types of Pongal dish

  1. Chakkara Pongal
  2. Venn Pongal
  3. Melagu Pongal
  4. Puli Pongal

Chakkara Pongal – This is a very sweet Pongal dish, which made during the season of Pongal and Makar Sankranti in most of the states like Shrilanka, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh etc.  it looks brown in color and usually served with white sugar.

Venn Pongal – Sri Lankan and South Indian peoples are very much passionate about Venn dish. venn is second most popular Savory dish of Thai Pongal. This popular dish is mainly served with coconut chutney and sambar.

Melagu Pongal – this is also the third most popular dish, which generally made by Shrilankan and Tamil Nadu peoples. this sweet dish is made up of pepper and it usually served with rice and Moong daal.

Puli Pongal dish – this is also the fourth most popular sweet Pongal dish which found in the same region as the above dishes are made. it usually served in dinner time.

So these are the most popular dishes that are mainly made on this festive season. we  Indians are very much passionate about celebrating festivals with whole family and friends. Every January, Tamil celebrates the harvest festival as Thai Pongal and the rest of Indians celebrate as the Makar Sankranti.

About the days of the festival in Pongal

See everyone knows that Pongal is the festival of three days and this festival celebrates in temples with doing poojas and all.

The celebration of is divided in three days, Tamil people called these days as according to the list below

  • Thai Pongal
  • Mattu Pongal
  • Kaanum Pongal

Thai Pongal – this is the main event of Pongal which start on the first day. on this day Tamil peoples celebrate this harvest lifestyle whereas the other Indians celebrate Makar Sankranti on this day. Thai Pongal starts when the sun enters in the 10th house of Indian Zodiac.

The celebration of Thai Pongal starts with the milk is cooked in the vessel, when the bubbles start overflowing from the vessel then rice grains are added to it and at the same time, the participants who are taking part in the game will blow a conch called sangu. this process is repeated over and again. and after the sweet is served to everyone with some more sweets like Vedai etc.

Mattu Pongal – the is the second celebration day of Pongal after the celebration of Thai Pongal. On day 2, Tamil peoples first give respect and honour to cattle because these are the main resources of our wealth. They give us sources of wealth for providing a dairy product such as milk, fertilizer, labor for plowing and transportation etc.

apart from eating sweets and all playing games on day 2 is also one of the most important roles of Pongal celebration. there are some popular games among the Tamil’s like Jallikkattu and the taming bull will also play on day 2.

Kaanum Pongal – this is the 3rd most important day celebration of Pongal and the day mark as the end of Pongal festivity of the year.  according to us 3rd day is the main day of Pongal celebration because on this day the whole family hold reunions and exchanging gifts with each other.

In some states of India, the final day of Pongal is celebrated by worshipping of cattle. and peoples do not eat non-vegetarian dishes during the first three days of Pongal celebration.

Conclusion of Thai Pongal

So my final words are Pongal is one of the most most most respectable festivals in India, I think we all India need to celebrate Pongal festival because Pongal is the festival of harvest culture and you know the word harvest resembles with nature.

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